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Dec 2017/Jan 2018- 33 West Lane Bowl Juniors By Correen Edgerly CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK PAGE FOR UPCOMING EVENTS AND COUPONS! Junior leagues have been in full swing for a couple of months now but some of these scores just can’t go by unnoticed. In the week of September 9 th in the Tuesday Juniors Tyler Lane rolled a 102, Jared Beasley 134, and Kyle Knight 132. In the Monday Junior Adult we had Zach Guffey with a 233, Fantasia Munoz 195, Silvano Gelsomini 248, and Preston Martin 236. The week of September 16 th in the Monday Junior Adult Ashley Rocco posted a 223, Fran- cisco Martinez 237, Anthony Favaloro 279 706, Preston Martin 258, Silvano Gelsomini 258, and Logan Woolen 215. Tuesday Juniors had Andrew Juarez with a 117, Tyler Lane 132 and Jared Beasley 175. Saturday Bumpers had William Cain with a 170 and with 101 games were Elias Flores, Josh Lagorio and Chris Ponce. The Saturday Preps had Isaiah Rodriguez with a 130, Lillyanna Stockman 129, Matthew DeOliveira 126, Hailey Smith 122 and Alyvia Galano 120, and in the Juniors we had Francisco Martinez with a 223 and Logan Woolen 223. September 23 rd week had Frankie Salazar with a 231, Josiah Morris 225, Eren Olguin 226, and Logan Woolen 237 all in the Monday Junior Adult. Jared Beasley rolled his 183 game in the Tuesday Juniors. The Saturday Bumpers had Allison DeOliveira with a 111 and Sarah Montanez with a 103. Matthew DeOliveira had a 111 and Sarah Montanez a 103 in the Sat- urday Preps and in the Juniors DeAngelo rolled a 155 game and Mario Palacio had a 231. The week of September 30 th Preston Martin rolled his 244 game in the Monday Junior Adult, also in this league was Silvano Gelsomini with a 267/705, Logan Woolen 225, Frankie Sala- zar 256, Francisco Martinez 221. The Tuesday Bumpers had Jerome Nisby Jr. with a 100 game and the Juniors had Tyler Lane with a 148, Andrew Juarez 137 and Jared Beasley 169. Saturday Bumpers had Cielo Galano with a 105 and Elias Flores with a 108. Jacob Norman posted his 178 game in the Preps and in the Juniors Logan Woolen with a 219, Frankie Sala- zar 267 and Zach Guffey 245. The month of October starting with the week of the 7 th in the Monday Junior Adult we had Frankie Salazar with a 300 game and a 706 series. Also in this league was Francisco Marti- nez 235, Silvano Gelsomini 232, and Alejandro Gonzales 203. Tuesday Juniors had Andrew Juarez with a 142. Saturday leagues had Isaiah Rodriguez with a 132 and Lillyanna Stock- man with a 131. Catherine Quinones had a 175, Logan Woolen 232, and Frankie Salazar a 227 in the Saturday Juniors. October 14 th Juniors Anthony Favaloro rolled a 245 and Frankie Salazar a 251 in the Monday Junior Adult. Jared Beasley posted a 162 game in the Tuesday Juniors, Ari Lagorio rolled a 108 game in the Saturday Bumpers. Jiana Oropeza rolled a 58 duplicate in the Bantams. Matthew DeOliveira rolled a 156 in the Preps and Faith Raponkus a 133 in the same league. The week of October 21 st , Logan Woolen rolled a 234 and Alejan- dro Gonzales a 212 both in the Monday Junior Adult. Tuesday Juniors had Kyle Knight with a 125. In the Saturday Leagues starting with the Bantams Jiana Oropeza had a 102 and Izabelle Rodriguez had a 52 duplicate. The Preps had Matthew DeOliveira with a 157 and Alyvia Galano 126. The Juniors had Zach Guffey with a 234 and Logan Woolen 243. In the week of the 28 th Anthony Favaloro rolled a 257 in the Monday Junior Adult, Jerome Nisby Jr. had a 104 game in the Tuesday Bumpers , Christian Sullivan rolled a 123 in the Tuesday Juniors, Cielo Galano had a 111 in the Saturday Bumpers, Anthony Guzman rolled a 54 du- plicate in the Bantams, and Evan Raponkus rolled a 129 in the Preps. In the week of November 4 th Eren Olguin rolled a 267 703 in the Monday Junior Adult. Also bowling in this league was Logan Woolen 244 and Francisco Martinez 255 709. Jerome Nisby Jr posted a 103 game in the Tuesday Bumpers and in the Juniors we had Jared Beasley with a 198. Saturday Bumpers had Moses Duncan with a 102, Joshua Lagorio 112, Ari Lagorio 101, William Cain 100 and Isaiah Estrada 100, Bantams Anthony Guzman 78 and Jordan Duncan 73, Preps Faith Raponkus 123, Jacob Norman 171, Juniors Zach Guffey 201 and Francisco Martinez with games of 243, 287, and 279 for an 809 series. The week of November 11 th had Anthony Favaloro with a 269 718, Preston Martin 245 and Eren Olguin 232 all in the Monday Jr. Adult. Jerome Nisby Jr. rolled a 110 in the Tuesday Bumpers. In the Saturday Bumpers we had Chris Ponce with a 106, Moses Duncan 115, Allison DeOliveira 101 and Sarah Montanez 116. In the Bantams we had Jiana Oropeza with an 88, and Joshua Martinez 79. The Preps had David Taylor 111, Isaiah Rodriguez 143, Lillyanna Stockman 135, and Matthew DeOliveira 178 and in the Jrs we had Mario Palacio 197 and Jovita Contreras with a 185. NCJET Girls Division 1 finalists in Tracy, Amanda Vogt, Runner up Maranda Pattison a nd Champion,Jennifer Loredo NCJET Division 2 Boys Champion Cody Herzog and runner up Jacob Motas in Tracy yesterday — withCody Herzog and Jacob Motas. Continued on page 35 NCJET - Tracy