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32 - Dec 2017/Jan 2018 PBA Announces 14-Event 2018 PBA50 Tour Season By Jerry Schneider The Professional Bowlers Association has announced a 14-event PBA50 Tour schedule for 2018 that includes four major championships and three new venues. In what is becoming the traditional opening event for PBA’s tour for players 50 and over, Lane Glo Bowl in New Port Richey, Fla. will once again kick off the season with the PBA50 Florida Open April 21-23 which will be followed by the season’s first major, the PBA50 National Championship presented by Spanish Springs Lanes and Radical April 24-28 in The Villages, Fla. Las Vegas will once again be home to two of the PBA50 Tour’s most prestigious majors. The USBC Senior Masters will be held at Sam’s Town in Las Vegas June 4- 10, followed by the Suncoast PBA Senior U.S. Open presented by Storm at the Suncoast Bowling Center June 10-15. New to the schedule in 2018 will be first-time stops in Monticello, Minn., for the PBA50 River City Extreme Open presented by Ebonite at River City Extreme July 17-20, the PBA50 Security Federal Savings Bank Championship presented by Track at Dave Small’s Heritage Lanes in Kokomo, Ind., July 28-31, and the PBA50 Cup presented by DV8, the season’s fourth major, at Spectrum Lanes in Wyoming, Mich., Aug. 9-12. Returning to the schedule for 2018 will be stops in Mooresville, N.C., April 29-May 2; Farmingdale, N.Y., May 5-8; Brentwood, Calif., May 27-30 and three stops in Indi- ana (Hammond, July 23-26; Anderson, Aug. 4-7 and Fort Wayne, Aug. 14-16). The season will also include two PBA60 tournaments for players 60 and over; the USBC Super Senior Classic at Sam’s Town May 31-June 3 and the PBA60 Dick Weber Championship presented by 900 Global at Pro Bowl West which closes out the season in Fort Wayne, Aug. 14-16. Entries for PBA50/60 events will be accepted beginning March 1. PBA members can enter online at . For additional entry information, questions and non- member entries contact Mary von Krueger a All events will also be covered in their entirety by PBA’s online bowling channel Xtra Frame. 2018 PBA50 TOUR SCHEDULE April 21-23 - PBA50 Florida Open, Lane Glo Bowl, New Port Richey, Fla. April 24-28 - PBA50 National Championship presented by Spanish Springs Lanes and Radical, Spanish Springs Lanes, The Villages, Fla. April 29-May 2 - PBA50 Mooresville Ford Open presented by Columbia 300, George Pappas Victory Lanes, Mooresville, N.C. May 5-8 - PBA50 Johnny Petraglia BVL Open, presented by Brunswick, Farming- dale Lanes, Farmingdale, N.Y. May 27-30 - PBA50 Northern California Classic, presented by MOTIV, Harvest Park Bowl, Brentwood, Calif. May 31-June 3 - USBC Super Senior Classic, Sam's Town, Las Vegas June 4-10 - USBC Senior Masters, Sam's Town, Las Vegas June 10-15 - Suncoast PBA Senior U.S. Open, presented by Storm, Suncoast Bowling Center, Las Vegas July 17-20 - PBA50 River City Extreme Open, presented by Ebonite, River City Extreme, Monticello, Minn. July 23-26 - PBA50 South Shore Open, presented by Hammer , Olympia Lanes , Hammond, Ind. July 28-31 - PBA50 Security Federal Savings Bank Championship, presented by Track, Dave Small's Heritage Lanes, Kokomo, Ind. Aug. 4-7 - PBA50 Dave Small's Championship Lanes Classic, presented by Roto Grip, Dave Small's Championship Lanes, Anderson, Ind. Aug. 9-12 - PBA50 Cup, presented by DV8, Spectrum Lanes, Wyoming, Mich. Aug. 14-16 - PBA60 Dick Weber Championship, presented by 900 Global , Pro Bowl West , Fort Wayne, Ind. Q. I know he highest 3 game series is 900. I would like to know what is the highest 4 game series? A. I know what your thinking. The 3 game record is a perfect score but maybe, just maybe I can snag that 4 game record. Well think again, as impossible as the 3 game record seems to most of us. The four game record might be ever harder to do. Yes there is room to break it but on March 7, 1989 Tom Jordan shot 1198 in Union, NJ. Yes that is correct, he had 2 - 299's and 2 - 300's in those four games. You miss one shot in four games in the wrong place and you are going for second place. Q. I just bought a wristband Do I still need to turn the ball or will the wristband do the work for me? A. Wristbands are designed to help keep your wrist from break- ing back, but they do not bowl for you, you will still have to turn the ball to impart spin. The wristband will help to strengthen your release ,but you will have to do the work . Normally I would answer another question but today I have an announcement to make. Soon I am going to have my own web site and blog online. It is called ASK BOB KORTH in the site there will be Q and A's as in this article. I will have contests for some great prizes and some commentary from myself and oth- ers. There will be room for commentary for you the reader. I will still be doing these articles for the papers and web sites I currently write for. As time goes on I will be selling some equip- ment through Shopify. The web site is live now but there is no content as of yet. I will keep you posted when I have it done. Should be soon. This is exciting for me. Many regional papers have gone out of business in recent years and I have had many people ask how they can find my articles. With this site all of you who have trouble finding me will have a reliable spot to go. If you want to check out what is done so far go to a nd take a look. This is a work in progress and should be fully up and running in a couple of month's. To ask bob a question write o r go to the web site and ask in the contact Bob section it is now func- tional. Thanks for reading . ASK BOB By: Bob Korth