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30 - Dec 2017/Jan 2018 SENIOR CLASSIC by Don Phillips Nov. 14. Top senior roller was Steve Curless 258/954. Par shooters, top 20 were Brent Korff 237/831, Larry Hilburn 223/847, John Tremblay 256/897, Skip Benham 222/818, Don Phillips 212/824, Art Tourtillott 262/851, Ron Johnson 234/835, Mike Decker 245/863, John Ruprecht 244/808, Gary Hobbs 275/817, Monty Lyons 227/841, Bob McElman 223/809, Gary Moore 227/812, Ron Pearson 229/822, Danny Russell 241/827, Jim Russell 217/832, Ray Searles 228/814, Doug Regelin 258/833 and Mike Palmer 279/862. Nice games were by Joe Holesapple 244, Kelly Wright 226, Bob Bonifacini 235, Bruce Cantrell 227 and Mike Nichols 236. Nov. 21. Third PERFECTO 300/947 in our league rolled by Bruce Cantrell. Congrad's!! Seniors in the 900 range were Ray Searles 246/931 and Larry Lee 264/903. 800+ shooters were Kelly Wright 232/837, Nick DeStefano 237/849, Gary Moore 245/886, Jim Russell 236/876, Brent Korff 241/880, Steve Curless 243/826, Monty Lyons 257/884, Mike Nichols 234/829, Larry Hilburn 224/828, Dennis Estes 259/856, Don Phillips 205/809, Steve Adams 229/844, Doug Regelin 243/828, Gary Regallo 268/892, Gary Hobbs 226/820, Mike Decker 211/833 and John Tremblay 267/821. Top 5 singles were by George Senn 243, Frank Acuna 236, Mike Palmer 268, Mike Andreozzi 234 and Joe Holesapple 267. Nov. 28. Top senior was lefty John Tremblay 279(2)/1005. 900 rollers were Ron Pearson 276/966 and Larry Lee 258/911. 800 + were Nick DeStefano 264/843, Gary Moore 239/875, Mo Snyder 218/826, Frank Acuna 213/816, Dennis Estes 235/876, Mike Nichols 234/804, Skip Benham 237/856, Mike Andreozzi 247/874, Keith Stout 268/891, Jim Russell 246/843, Ray Searles 246/819 and Bruce Cantrell 203/801. Nice singles were by Everett Whiteside 234, Bill Graham 232, Phillip Moses 231, George Senn 224, Jim Tanaka 225. Dec. 5. High series for the week was by Gary Moore 265/967. Mike Palmer rolled a 255/900. Par shooters were Jim Russell 235/840, Ray Searles 258/888, Ron Johnson 236/809, George Senn 245/892, Nick DeStefano 227/835, Doug Regelin 245/811, Steve Curless 250/811, Larry Hilburn 247/877, Dennis Estes 232/818, Barry Richards 234/844, Rick Knickerbocker 247/888, Monty Lyons 263/856 and Skip Benham 223/805. Good games were by Anthony Ripchick 266, John Tremblay 245, Frank Acuna 229, Owl Richard- son 238 and Mike Hale 236. Popular PBA50 Tour Player Bill McCorkle Dies at 65 By Bill Schneider CHICAGO - Bill McCorkle, a PBA60 national tournament, four-time regional and three-time PBA50 regional titlist from Westerville, Ohio, died Thursday after a battle with cancer. He was 65. One of the most popular players on the PBA50 Tour, McCorkle achieved his dream of winning a PBA national title by capturing the 2014 PBA60 Dick We- ber Super Senior Classic title in Fort Wayne, Ind., when he defeated PBA Hall of Famer Johnny Petraglia, 244-173, in the title match at Pro Bowl West. McCorkle’s win in that event was made extra special when his close friend since childhood - fellow Westerville, Ohio native Bill Henson - won the same event the very next year, also beating Petraglia for the title under very similar circumstances. To read McCorkle’s account of his and Henson’s quests to win a na- tional PBA title see story next page A competitor on the PBA50 Tour for 15 years and a PBA member since 1972, McCorkle also competed in 111 PBA Tour events , advancing to match play six times. McCorkle competed in 47 USBC Open Championships and was also a mem- ber of the Central Ohio and Ohio State bowling halls of fame. Funeral ar- rangements are pending. 55 AND HOLDING By Correen Edgerly CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE AND FACEBOOK PAGE FOR UPCOMING EVENTS Thanksgiving has passed us by and Christmas is fast approaching so let’s check out scores that have rolled since leagues started. The week of September 9 th in the Monday Sr A’s Les Price rolled a 257 and Phil Romena 258, in the B’s Shuji Tisujimoto had a 213 and Chuck Hatler 210. Lucky Seniors had Gil Maghoney with a 245. In the Thursday A’s Al Duncan posted a 257, Floyd Ford 241 and John Padilla 231. In the B’s Doug Borst rolled a 246. The week of September 16 th in the Monday A’s is where Fred Campbell rolled a 289 game with a 757 series. In the B’s Keith Cobb rolled a 248. Danny Godoy had a 259 and George Bauserman a 233 both in the Lucky Seniors. Thursday Senior A’s had Tim Taggart with a 265, Ron Mendoza 258 and Tony Manrique a 254 game. In the B,s we had Steve Stoffel with a 235, Doug Borst 234 and Michael Contreras 233. The week of September 23 rd had Dave Morgan with a 278, Frank Klo 246 and Pat Bug- arin 237 all in the Monday Senior A’s and in the B’s we had Michael King with a 225. Ron Taylor rolled his 246 in the Lucky Seniors and George Bauserman posted a 236 in the same league. In the Thursday Senior A’s Alan Randall posted a 255 game with a 712 series and in the B’s Jr. Bulligon rolled a 235. September 30 th week had Fred Campbell with a 279, Dave Cutler 266, Bill Lau- tenschlager 259 and Dave Morgan 247 all in the Monday Senior A’s and in the B’s Evelyn Sasaki rolled a 205. The Lucky Seniors had Floyd Ford with a 254 and Susie Leung with a 207. Thursday Senior A’s had George Watson with a 236, and George Armstrong with a 238. The Thursday B’s had Rutha Silva with a 268 and Richard Sandoval with a 236. In the week of October 7 th Brad Lillard rolled a 280 game with a 740 series in the Mon- day Senior A’s, also in this league was George Armstrong 252 and Bruce Turner 243. In the B’s Shuji Tisujimoto posted a 248 and Keith Cobb 244. Lucky Seniors had Ina Davies with a 220 and Mel Davis with a 235. In the Thursday Senior A’s Larry Robinson rolled a 252, Ton Manrique 267, and Bill Lautenschlager 269. In the B’s Bruce Hergenroeder posted a 219. The week of October 14 th had Ron Taylor with a 257, Al Duncan 257 700, George Arm- strong 235, Kathy Quinones 226 and Norma Brown with a 212. In the B’s Chuck Hatler posted a 212 and Mark Ghiradelli had a 214. The Lucky Seniors had Mel Davis with a 243, Wayne Bundy 242, and Shuji Tisujimoto a 220. In the Thursday Senior A’s Kathleen Lautenschlager posted a 256, Floyd ford 234, Stan Huey 211, and Carmen Lewter 210. The B’s had Ray Boyd with a 233, Howard Ross 154 triplicate and Sue Henderson 210. In the week of October 21 st Alan Randall rolled a 259, Bruce Turner 268 725, Dave Cut- ler 247, Mel Davis 235 and Phil Romena 244 all in the Monday Senior A’s and In the B’s Tony Guzman had a 226. The Lucky Seniors had Gil Maghoney with a 236, Mel Davis 223, Ina Davies 214 and Shuji Tisujimoto 223. The Thursday Seniors had Alan Randall with a 300 game, Bill Lautenschlager 253, Stan Huey 212 and John Peterson 236 all in the A’s. Thursday Senior B’s had Bruce Hergenroeder 232 and John Carroll 257. Harold Lewis rolled his 300 game with a 711 series in the Monday Senior A’s in the week of October 28 th . Also in this league were Ron Taylor 258 and Joe Ballesteros 236. In the B’s we had Shuji Tisujimoto 213. The Lucky Seniors had Bruce Turner with a 238, Steve Stoffel 242, John Peterson 224, George Watson 235, and Karl Nielsen with a 226. In the Thursday Senior A’s Ron Taylor rolled a 278 and in the B’s Rutha Silva rolled a 255 and Chuck Hatler 226. The week of November 4 th in the Monday Senior A’s Eric Etchison rolled a 269, Tony Manrique 244, and Les Price 266, and in the B’s Shuji Tisujimoto rolled a 221, and Jim Flores 243. Jim Flores rolled a 230, Steve Stoffel 260 and Bruce Turner had a 229 all in the Lucky Seniors. In the Thursday Senior A’s Willie Huey rolled a 233, Joe Ballesteros had a 248, and Ron Taylor had a 258. In the Thursday Senior B’s John Beyer 215, Ben- jamin Bautista 214, and Mike Withrow had 212. In the week of November 11 th Eric Etchison rolled a 268 in the Monday Senior A’s also in this league was Pete Anderson with a 286 722 and Dave Persinger 226 in the B’s Mark Ghiradelli posted a 246. The Lucky Seniors had Bruce Turner with a 222 and Bonnie Knoedler with a 211. Frank Klo rolled his 267 game with a 752 series in the Thursday Senior A’s also in this league was John Peterson 277, Joe Ballesteros 241 and Don Brown 245. The B’s had John Beyer with a 214. Wonderful bowling to all of you and until next month may the pin fall be with you.