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28 - April 2018 2018 PBA50 Tour Season Kicks Off in Sunshine State With Florida Open And PBA50 National Championship By Jerry Schneider CHICAGO, Ill. – Reigning PBA50 Player of the Year Brian LeClair heads a list of PBA’s top players ages 50 and over who will open the 2018 PBA50 Tour season in the Sunshine State on April 22 with the PBA50 Florida Open and the PBA50 National Championship. The PBA50 Florida Open, formerly the Pasco County Florida Open, will be conducted April 22-23 at Lane Glo Bowl in New Port Richey followed by the season’s first major championship, the PBA50 National Championship pre- sented by Spanish Springs Lanes and Radical April 24-28, in The Villages. Both events will be streamed live in their entirety on PBA’s online bowling channel Xtra Frame. LeClair enters the 2018 season with some trepidation because of an aggra- vated ACL injury to his left knee. He sustained the injury while bowling in a local tournament in early March and has been able to bowl only a few games over the last several weeks. ―I started bowling last week for the first time in more than a month,‖ said the 53-year-old LeClair. ―I probably won’t know how well it will hold up until I start competing. I’m not so much worried about the pain because I can bowl through some of that – it’s the stability that I’m worried about.‖ Ironically, it’s the second consecutive year that LeClair has had to deal with an injury shortly before the start of the season. Last year it was a recurring back injury. ―Last year I had an issue with my back but was able to get it worked out before the season started,‖ he said. ―Now, I have this issue with the knee, which is very disappointing because I’ve been looking forward to the start of this season since the day after last season ended.‖ LeClair got his player of the year season off to a fast start with a 191-187 win over Norm Duke to win the 2017 Pasco County Florida Open. It was the first of two wins that made him the only player to win more than one title in 2017. His second win came in the Johnny Petraglia BVL Open. He spent nearly two decades competing regularly on the PBA Tour without a win but his lengthy career was finally rewarded when he won PBA50 Player of the Year honors thanks to his two titles and a runner-up finish in the Sun- coast PBA Senior U.S. Open. ―I’m anxious to get back out there if all goes well and prove that last season wasn’t a fluke,‖ LeClair added. ―As I said before, it was the most satisfying accomplishment in my career because I was able to achieve it bowling on a tour that included some of bowling’s all-time greats.‖ Among those greats scheduled to compete in the opening events of the season will be a host of Hall of Famers including Walter Ray Williams Jr., Pete Weber, Parker Bohn III, Amleto Monacelli, Johnny Petraglia, Mark Wil- liams, Bryan Goebel and two-time PBA50 Player of the Year Ron Mohr, who was inducted into the PBA Hall of Fame in 2018. While not a major in 2017, top qualifier Lennie Boresch Jr. of Kenosha, Wis., led The Villages event wire-to-wire and beat Bob Learn Jr., 264-213, in the title match for his second Sun Bowl In The Villages win and third career PBA50 Tour title. Competition begins with Florida Open qualifying on Sunday, April 22 at 8 a.m. ET with one 10-game qualifying round followed by cashers and match play rounds beginning at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, April 23. After match play the top five players will advance to the stepladder finals scheduled for 7 p.m. Practice for the event is scheduled for 9 a.m. - Noon on Saturday, April 21. The PBA50 National Championship will get underway with the first of three six-game qualifying rounds on Wednesday, April 25, beginning at 9 a.m. fol- lowed by second and third rounds on April 26 and 27. The top 32 players will then advance to the first eight-game match play round at 9 a.m. on April 28 before a cut to the top 16 players for the second match play round at 2 p.m. which will determine the top five for the stepladder finals at 7 p.m. The prac- tice session is scheduled for April 24 from 9 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Senior Classic By Don Phillips March 6. Leader of the pack was Jim Rus- sell 268/945. Other 900's were by Monty Lyons 247/923 and Mike Mayer 248/908. The rest of the top 20were Bill Graham 244/832, John Miner 255/823, Rick Knicker- bocker 237/894, Robert Phelps 267/899, George Senn 237/830, John Tremblay 245/867, Mike Palmer 243/865, Mike Decker 255/897, Larry Hilburn 264/889, Steve Ad- ams 231/865, Skip Benham 226/841, Don Phillips 278/866, Dave Seiler 244/883, Lonnie Hare 237/840, Ray Searles 244/867, Nick DeStefano 245/860 and Barry Richards 258/859. Top 5 singles were by Mike Hale 255, Phil- lip Moses 241, Dann Dodd 255, Red Gossett 238 and Clyde Nakaishi 257. 3/13. Five 900's were rolled this week--high was Gary Moore 258/941. The rest were by Gary Hobbs 276/905, Gary Regallo 245/903, David Kwaczala 259/906 and Ray Searles 279/900. Larry Hilburn rolled the leagues 7th PERFECTO 300/854. 800+ scores were by Doug Regelin 268/866, Bill Graham 225/829, Keith Stout 257/828, Everett Whiteside 235/831, Mike Decker 235/844, Barry Richards 267/846, Art Tourtillott 238/879, Ron Johnson 263/841, Dave Seiler 237/855, Jim Russell 242/851, Rick Knicker-bocker 279/873, Don Phillips 237/825, Steve Curless 226/861 and Gordon Moore 252/851. Nice games were by John Miner 245, Mike Mayer 241, George Senn 242, Cal Suan 241 and Joe Holesapple 245. March 20. Top shooter was Mike Decker 279/930. Robert Phelps rolled 257/912. The rest of the top 20 scores were by Barry Richards 234/843, Jim Russell 221/823, Ray Searles 226/836, Joe Holesapple 227/846, Ben Biggs 266/870, Kelly Wright 214/818, Bruce Cantrell 245/823, Brent Korff 254/863, John Tremblay 232/843, Monty Lyons 226/844, Steve Adams 235/869, Steve Cur- less 241/894, Larry Laub 241/868, Mike Andreozzi 258/866, Nick DeStefano 239/846, Gary Moore 268/894, Mike Palmer 232/880 and Gary Regallo 232/846. Top 5 singles were by Doug Regelin 236, John Miner 235, Owl Richardson 235, Danny Russell 246, Don Phillips 245, Frank Acuna 235 and Phillip Moses 257. 3/27. High senior was Barry Richards 279/1009!! Five guys rolled 900's; Keith Stout 277/969, Monty Lyons 279/946, Ray Searles 274/940, Kelly Wright 264/911 and Dave Seiler 249/901. Par shooters were Gary Moore 259/883, Mike Andreozzi 223/844, Skip Benham 257/832, Don Phillips 241/842, Larry Hilburn 235/847, Steve Ad- ams 258/874, Gary Regallo 225/860, Gordon Moore 267/884, Robert Phelps 228/864, Brent Korff 256/858, Bill Graham 279/864, Mike Decker 257/833, Mark Correale 259/844, Frank Acuna 229/840 and John Tremblay 233/841. Five nice games were by Jim Russell 239, Bob Atteberry 255, John Ruprecht 247, Mike Decker 257 and Mike Palmer 246. 2018 ITRC SUPER SENIOR CLASSIC May 30-June 3 Sam's Town Bowling Center Las Vegas Click here f or the schedule PDF. Wednesday, May 30 Sweeper and Practice 2 p.m. - 3 p.m.: A squad practice session 4 p.m. - 5 p.m.: B squad practice session 7 p.m.: Sweeper Thursday, May 31 Qualifying - Round 1 (six games) 9 a.m.: A squad (fresh) 2 p.m.: B squad (burn) Friday, June 1 Qualifying - Round 2 (six games) 9 a.m.: B squad (fresh) 2 p.m.: A squad (burn) Saturday, June 2 Cashers' Round/Match Play 9 a.m.: Cashers' Round (six games - fresh) 3 p.m.: Match Play (six games - fresh) 3 p.m.: Non-cashers' sweeper Sunday, June 3 Group Stepladder/Stepladder Final 9 a.m.: Group Stepladder 11 a.m.: Stepladder Final