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24 - April 2018 Winter Bowling Specials $2.75 Special “Red Head Pin Day” Every Wednesday Noon to 6:00pm Win FREE games of Bowling Celestial Thunder Fridays 10pm - 1am Saturdays 10:00pm - 1:00am Cost: $15 per person (includes bowling shoes) Black Lights * Live DJ * Booming Sound Monte Carlo $17.00 Bowling Fee Bowling For Dollars Second Saturday Night at 7PM 5915 Pacheco Blvd., Pacheco, CA 94553 (925) 685-7812 Gail’s “9” Pin No Tap Scotch Doubles Fun Tournament April 28th @ 7pm Check-In 6PM Gail: PADDOCK BOWL HIGHLIGHTS By Claudine Thomas February 16 th to February 28th Games 50 or More and Series 100 or More Pins Over Average Junior/Adult League: Bruce Muraoka-278, Eric Fritz II- 268/731, Jack Campbell Jr-202 Happy Timers: Joe Sodaro-257, Judy Hammond-209, Rick Villaluz-215, Cecil Long-264, Ron Hammond- 249/669, Darold McCardle-266, Rich Engle-224, and Debbie Callen-563. Tri-City Scratch: Erik Cizmich-280 and 279, Ryan Pe- naloza-232, John DeMatteo-264, Brian Azevedo-669, Linda Mosley-255 and 246, Dan Duffield-264, Dre Grif- fin-256, John Dorsett-765, Eric Grant-266-265/780, Gina Moura-725, Bill Cooper-279/736, Josh Vander- muelen-268/703, Steve Tycer-264, Chris Larsen-266, Drew Alexander-257, and Derek DeSmet-244-247/723, Mixed Nuts: Chelsie Mesa-236. Pin Spinners: Jerry Page-232. Bowlers A-Go-Go: Dan Sinacori-269, Kevin Crane- 210, Aaron Goselin-262, Alan Pellegrini-275, Wilson Radford-236/688. Wednesday 5 Star: Donald Williams Sr-231 and 279, Leslie Koch-181, Debra Becken-225, Marvin Moss- 254/643. TNT Reno: Andee Tadiello-255, Eric Martin-263, Pete Widders-236, and Anthony Bianucci-276 and 278/759, Bryan Ricchi-255, and Michielle Maurer-234/584. Wednesday Trio: Bryan Wong-245-256/704, Ian Fery- 236-222/648, Jason Ingle-257, Tommy Gutierrez- 247/658,Matt Vierra-267/691, Neal Fernandez-235, Thursday Mixed 5’s: DBrandon Avanzato-229, Debra Becken-237, Adam Carlson-268, Kip Hartnett-300-289- 279/868, Ron Hammond-243-232/680, Greg Taff-274, and Dale Drewry-244. Paddock Seniors: Larry Cooper-244, Rich Sutterfield- 230, Sue Galloway-189, Jeane DeKelver-213, Don Johns-203 and John Hilsenbeck-236. Friday Night Early 5’s: Bob Romero-256 and 267, Tony Antonio-254-245/701, Romana Ochoa-234, Roy Castro -279, Laura Blake-232, Shawn Robinson-248/748, John Perez-243, and Joe Greenlee-199. Junior Match Play: Ron Atz-257. March 1 st to March 15th * Games 50 or More and Series 100 or More Pins Over Average Junior/Adult League: Don Johns-211/524 and Isabella Greer-245-279/739. Happy Timers: Rick Larsen-243, Margaret Scott-216, Fred Ford-257/698, John Don Konics-270/740, Joan Bean-212, Fred Ford-235, Stephen Goldman-238/669, Del Locke-234, Betty Dolan-158, and Debbie Callen- 227. Tri-City Scratch: Dave Harrison-279, Chris Larsen-267, Jared Bergamini-237/613, Erik Cizmich-278, Iris Lucky- 276, Mark Brady-256 and 257, Carole Penaloza-237, Bubba Shaull-300/758, Vic Hazlett-278, Buzz Campos- 267, Elaine Leong-246, Jacky Luke-245, Bryan March- 279/692, Derek-258, Gina Moura-278, Eric Grant-265, Dan Sinacori-258/740, Tanyia Hovis-234, Steve Halverson-246, and Chris Facer-707. Mixed Nuts: Frank Braudrick-241, Theresa Braudrick- 369, and Patrick Brooks-278. Pin Spinners: Jerry Page-222, Diane Williams-196, Mike Dilbeck-260, Margaret Scott-214, and Debra Becken-225. Bowlers A-Go-Go: Ed Vaccaro-234 and 223-234/654, Wilson Radford-242/646 and 250/668, Bruce Muraoka- 266, Mike Dilbeck-718 and 267-279/747, Eddie Vac- caro-209, and Ben Mechling-207. Wednesday 5 Star: Melissa Torres-191, Josh Swan- son-237 and 247, Debra Becken-636 and 237/653, Donald Williams Sr-265, Steve Inderbitzen-695, Dave Johnson-279, and Ruth Resnick-188. TNT Reno: Tony Cabanban-279/702 , Deryl Caviness- 723. Wednesday Trio: Michelle McKinney-134, David Wright -288, Kelly Amos-561, Sarah Gehrke-499, and Deryl Caviness-721. Thursday Mixed 5’s: Marlon Layug-204, Tom Morrow- 254/710, Lori Koch-223, Ron Hammond-266 and 243, Brent Hammond-252, Tito Alvarez-226, Dent Bagnaschi-223, Debbie Facer-268 and 257, Jeff Knight -258, Dennis Arrigen-202, Larry Cooper-264, Adrienne Zimmer-233 and 228, Brian Cagle-267, Steve Hum- phrey-231, John Santa Catalina-256, Derek DeSmet- 267, Craig Raymond-276, Kip Hartnett-278-279/783, Adam Carlson-259, Dale Drewry-254/717, and Greg Taff-279/713. Paddock Seniors: Rich Nicholes-213, John Hilsenback -257, George Brown-225, and Bill Bothe-230. Friday Night Early 5’s: Jeronimo Neto-247/696, Sergio Rodriguez-675, Kevin Kirby-257, John Perez-234/606, Chris Lee-211, Peter Quiambao-242, Phil Navarette- 203, Kelli Nahas-198/533, Alana Banga-197, Amanda Miller-233, Tony Antonio-266, Ray Castro-730, Mel Sabino-267, Eric Quinn-257, Shannon Quinn-164, and Ray Kendall-268. (Continued to the next page) Roy Castro 279 Don Williams Sr 279 Greg Taff 701 Tony Antonio 701 Bruce Muraoka 702 Josh VanderMuelen 703 Bryan Wong 704 John DeMatteo 721 Carl Long 722 Derek DeSmet 723 Gina Moura 725 Eric Fritz II 731 Alan Pellegrini 732 Eric Cizmich 279/716,280/742 Shawn Robinson 748 Anthony Bianucci 759 John Dorsett 765 Eric Grant 780 Kip Hartnett 300-289-279/868 Bryan March 279 Dave Johnson 279 David Wright 288 Tony Cabanban 279/702 Chris Facer 707 Mark Brady 707 Tom Morrow 710 Greg Taff 279/713 Dale Drewry 717 Tony Antonio 720 Deryl Caviness 723 Gina Moura 725 Buzz Campos 729 Ray Castro 730 John Dorsett 733 Isabella Greer 279/739 Charlie Poston 740 Dan Sinacori 740 John Don Konics 740 Dave Harrison 279/746 Mike Dilbeck 718, 279/747 Bubba Shaull 300 /758 Kip Hartnett 730,279/783 Baseball From Heaven? Maybe....yes today I went to my first ever Orioles Opening day and it was hard because my Mom was on my mind all day. Today was 2 years since she passed.. So in the bottom of the 11th tie game Adam Jones cracks a rocket home run and it went right to me 9 rows up in section 80 where Dana and I had moved to be with friends two innings earlier. The Ball Hits me in my hands went through and hit me square in the right chest ( I slowed it down and it freaking hurt) it drops in the empty seat in front and I grabbed it. So Ironic I played ball as a kid. My first opening day, my first ball ever "kinda" caught at a game and two years from Mom's passing. Mom definitely smiling down upon me laughing, cause it wasn't a clean catch! Baseball from heaven and Mom's favorite team wins and I get the home run ball, (yes I will get it signed hopefully)! Danny Wiseman PBA Bowler