Bowling World Newspaper

18 - April 2018 Southern California 28th National Golden Ladies Classic Top 5 Stepladder Finals 1. Lucy Sandelin 2. Jeanne Naccarato 3. Tish Johnson 4. Debby Essary 5. Michele Carter Final Results 1. Jeanne Naccarato 2. Lucy Sa ndelin 3. Tish Johnson 4. Debby Essary 5. Michele Carter Amazing first 3 days at the 28th National Golden Ladies Classic! Congrats to Pam Maul Buckner s he won the Storm ball of her choice for being the highest SS+ after qualifying, then she won the GLC 2nd Chance tournament which included another Storm Ball. Lucy Sandelin l it up the lanes today averages 241 and winning all 12 matches today. Sharon Powers n otched a win today taking the Super Senior Division Ti- tle. Cindy Gaston McBride a nd Lucy Sandelin e ach won the drawing for a Storm ball of choice at the Cock- tail party on Tues. Congrats Jeanne Naccarato our first $100 winner shooting 300! Update Jeanne Naccarato shot 804 for the first three games and 741 for the next three averaging 257 for the 2nd round of match play moving her into the lead. Match Play - Game1 Michele Carter 213 $750 Debbie Essary 222 Game 2 Debbie Essary 226 $800 Tish Johnson 238 Game 3 Tish Johnson 249 $1,000 Jeanne Naccarato 279 Game 4 Jeanne Naccarato 203 $2,300 Lucy Sandelin 190 $1,200 Sharon Powers Winner of the Super Senior Div. 28th Golden Ladies Classic Proudly Sponsored by Storm Bowling Products!