Bowling World Newspaper

16 - Dec 2017/Jan 2018 E.A. Dublin Bowl By Peter Hagin Four 300‟s, two800‟s, and a Strike Pot Winner were the highlights of the month here at Earl Anthony‟s Dublin Bowl. Wendy Arbuckle fired her first career 300 game in a recent evening in the Dublin Majors. The perfect game was the finale of a 695 set. She also had the women‟s series, a 705 during a recent Leprechauns outing. Pat Sandomenico, Jr. fired the high series of the season with an 820 series in the Black Oak Scratch Trios league. Pat put together games of 255, 299, and 266 that evening. The other 800 came two nights later in the Dublin Majors as Steve Myers blasted games of 289-257-256 for an 802 set. The other 300‟s came from Donald Brooks of Tammy‟s Alterations 570 Scratch Trio, T.J. Leong of the Trailriders league, and Justin Kalotkin of the Wednesday Wonders. Eric Adolphson did a lot of tossing one night during a recent Black Oak session. He tossed a lot of strikes that night for a 780 set, but was most important was WHEN he tossed them! He threw 13 of them in the correct frames and won the strike Pot for $1, 408.00. We‟ve had quite a few 700‟s during the month, but sometimes the best ones are by the bowlers who aren‟t the 220 averages. Take Ken Feltrop, for instance, he bowls in The Club on Thursday mornings and came into a session with a 179 average. He started off by tossing a pair of 245‟s before “slumping” to a 243 game for a 733 set, which is his 1 st career 700. Also, Randy Mittman of the Trailriders raised his aver- age from 199 to 206 in two weeks by shooting back to back 700‟s (747 & 711). In our weekly newsletters, we told you of Brian Mum & Kevin Singer. Brian bowls on Mondays, while Kevin shoots on Wednesdays. They both were averaging 220 and came close to shooting 300-800 by bowling 279-792 during the same week. The Dublin Majors is a scratch league with a 990 cap for the 5 players. Team #6 took over the High Team Series for the League with 3348. The team was led by Jeremy Stuber‟s 268-785 & Alex Stuber‟s 279-776. Jennifer Yates added a 224-634 set and Landon Lawson & Dan Stuber contributed with 625 & 528. Pairing a 279 game en route to shooting a 782 series must be a pretty common thing as Mark Perry, Bill Cooley, & Art Floco all did this here in the last month. A few more of those Magnificent 7‟s…Mark Del Cerro, Jr. 290-796, Paul Wolf 277- 756, Scott Luba 278-762,Tony Braga 298-760, Jim Curtis 279-760. The Monday Madness league is our only 4-Game league and Casey McClintock topped the 1000 mark with a 1013 set which featured a 267 game. Casey had a 1049 series a few months ago. Bowlers in our Senior Leagues turned in some good performances like Mike Bar- nes with back to backs of 656 & 691, Dave Altschuler with 676, Stan Lewandowski went 107 pins over his average with 635, Melody Minto tossed a 623, but they were all topped by Rich Hiner‟s 266-702. If you talking about pins over average, Richard Edelman was the top bowler in this category. He shot games of 187-214-174 for a 575 series, which is 155 pins above his 140 average. Other accomplishments to honor include Amarissa Koelling‟s 267 game with was 115 pins over her average, Ryan Lanzarin‟s 222-592 series, which was 139 pins over his norm, Jeremy Vitug going 256-716 for a +125, and Anna Wilson going 99 pins over for a 600 set. January 20th Next Gold Pin Tournament 87 Year Old Glenn Allison In Automobile Accident By Bill Vint Bowlers Journal International senior editor Bob Johnson has reported that five- time PBA Tour champion Glenn Allison was involved in an automobile accident on Christmas Eve while on the way to La Habra “300” Bowl, where he works the desk part-time. Family members said the 87-year-old Allison fractured his sternum and has two fractures in his back, and is expected to remain at Pomona Valley Hospital for “a couple of weeks.” Allison is best known for rolling the first 900 series in sanc- tioned ABC league competition on July 1, 1982, only to have official recognition de- nied due to non-complying lane conditions.