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April 2018 - 13 Belmonte Recognizes The Carbocci, In Florida Matt Cannizzaro Though it's sometimes less visible, Belmonte is a champion of the sport off the lanes as well, doing everything he can to promote bowling around the world. Belmonte has scheduled a special trip to South Florida, where he'll spend the day with the Carbocci family, a bowling- passionate group that has rallied the South Florida bowling community in support of the fami- lies of the victims of the Feb. 14 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Hannah Carbocci, a 17-year-old member of the Douglas High School girls bowling team, was inside the school during the shootings. While Hannah was not injured, two students in- side the classroom with her were among the 17 killed by the teen gunman. Hannah and her sister, Kaitlin, engaged in a 77-message text thread during the incident, and the exchange later was spotlighted by CNN. In the weeks since, the fundraising efforts have included bowling ball raffles, T-shirt sales and a bowling tournament, raising more than $30,000. The story of their efforts reached Belmonte in Australia, and he decided to give the family a call. From that call, Belmonte was further inspired to recognize the Carboccis for their dedi- cation and efforts in person and asked if they'd be free for a day of bowling and socializing. He'd also made arrangements for the family to have news balls and bags. "I think one of the things that sometimes goes unnoticed is that when people raise money or they do really good deeds for their community, they get credit, which is wonderful, but some- times, it's really nice to recognize them with something extra special," Belmonte said. "I de- cided to send the family bowling balls and bags for their personal use, and PBA champion Andres Gomez, who lives in the area, has agreed to drill them at no charge. When I get there, we'll have a nice afternoon together knocking some pins down." The festivities will include Hannah and Kaitlin, their younger brother Lorenzo and their fa- ther Brady. Their mother, Stacy, also will be in attendance, but she will not be bowling. According to Gomez, who was excited to help from the moment he got the call from Bel- monte, he intends to do all he can to make sure the family has a memorable time, and the get-together will be followed by an even bigger celebration for the whole bowling community. "For me, this is great because I am there every day, and I know how hard the family has worked to raise awareness and money in the local community," Gomez said. "And for Jason to give his time and show his support in person means a lot, and I'm glad to be able to be a part of it. This was a terrible tragedy, and a very sad time, but it's nice that everyone has come together and something good has been able to come out of it." 22nd Annual Brunswick Modesto Masters Prize List Yosemite Lanes, Modesto / April 15, 2018