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12 - April 2018 “KING” THOMPSON BRUNSWICK MODESTO MASTERS By Jim Gordin The reign of the winner coming from the ―Loser’s bracket‖ has started again. Anthony Thompson of Corning (winner of the loser’s bracket) ended up defeating Stephen Kuykendall of Oakland (winner of the winner’s bracket) and claimed the title and first place guaranteed prize of $3,000. Stephen had smooth sailing in the winner’s bracket until he met his opponent in the final match of the winner’s bracket. Up to this point, Stephen had won 4 consecutive matches and was only challenged in round 4 by Jeffrey Kegyes of Stockton 463-455. He was in charge of his own destiny and only needed to win one more match to be- come the winner of the Winner’s bracket. His opponent was Anthony who had a much tougher time reaching this point. In the 1 st round he edged out James Searle, Jr of Sui- sun City 535-524. In round 6 he survived a nail biter against Rich Custer of Modesto 472- 465. ―The OLD guy‖ as Stephen referred to himself, survived the match and defeated Anthony 458-437, sending Anthony to the Loser’s bracket. Anthony was not done yet, but knew he would have to bring his best to defeat Ray Lussier of San Jose to have another shot at Stephen. Ray was our defending champion and if he could get through his match with Anthony and then defeat Stephen twice he could become not only our 1 st back to back champion but also our 1 st multiple champion in 22 years. It was a closely contested match but An- thony prevailed defeating Ray 512-486. Now Stephen was waiting in the wings to see who he would have to bowl and as it turned out he would have to defeat the bowler (Anthony) who he had just sent to the Loser’s bracket 45 minutes ago. So now the stage was set and Anthony could have another shot at defeating Stephen as Anthony’s only loss was to Stephen and it was time to redeem himself. He would have to do it twice as Stephen had zero losses and you have to be defeated twice to be elimi- nated from the tournament. In their 1 st match Anthony got some redemption and things went Anthony’s way defeat- ing Stephen 447 to 418. In their second match Anthony still had a few more gears to go to and used them in defeating Stephen for the second time 505-453 and emerged as our 22 nd Annual Brunswick Modesto Masters champion. Anthony received a first place prize of $3,000.00. Earlier in the winter bowling season, his wife (Tona) won the 3 rd annual Queen’s tournament at Yosemite Lanes. It would seem like the Thompsons have really figured out how to compete at Yosemite Lanes! I guess you could call them the reigning King and Queen of Yosemite Lanes. Congratula- tions and hope to see you next year at McHenry Bowl. This tournament had added money of $3,401.00 thanks to Brunswick and our other sponsors - Cal-West Roofing, Bowling Outfitters, McHenry Bowl, Yosemite Lanes, Mark Baker Bowling and the Modesto USBC Association. Our high qualifier this year was Michael Pixley from Modesto with a seven game total of 1886 or a 269.4 average. This year’s winner – Anthony from Corning qualified 28 th with 1643 or a 234.7 average. Steve from Oakland qualified 27 th with 1644 or a 234.8 average and received a total of $1,564 for his 2 nd place efforts. Ray from San Jose and our de- fending champion qualified 25th with 1647 or a 235.2 average and finished 3 rd for $1,050. Rounding out the top four was our high qualifier Michael Pixley earning a respectable $900 which included a bonus of $50 for high qualifier. This was our 1 st year for cutting to the top 32 and that last spot for match play was earned by Wil Hackett of Modesto with 1632 or a 233.1 average. It took a seven game score of 1630 (33 rd place) or a 232.8 average to receive the final check from the main prize fund. There was a tie for 33 rd place between Steve Fields of Northlake, Texas and Richard Torres of Oakley with 1630. They each received $80. Local bowlers grabbed 11 of the 32 checks and all of them competed in match play. Side notes – If it were not for going to the top 32 for the cut, three of the four players in our top 4 finishing places would not have been bowling on Sunday. Based on our survey from last year, this change gave 8 additional qualifiers a chance to win it all and one of them (Anthony) did just that. Local bowlers competing in match play (other than Michael) were Will Garber of Mo- desto, Wayne Garber of Modesto, Randy Pitcock of Atwater, Lannydyn Carnate of Mo- desto, Robert Wrachford, Jr. of Ceres, Joe Petrovich of Tracy, Rich Custer of Oakdale, Donnie Marquardt of Modesto, Jason Walton of Turlock and Wil Hackett of Modesto. Will qualified 2 nd with 1804 (257.7 avg.) won 1 match and finished in the round of 17 th - 24 th for $250. Wayne qualified 3 rd with 1764 (252.0 avg.) won 0 matches and finished in the round of 25 th -32 nd for $200. Lannydyn qualified 8 th with 1709 (244.1 avg.) won 1 match and finished in the round of 17th-24 th for $250. Robert qualified 12 th with 1691 (241.5 avg.) won 2 matches and finished in the round of 13 th -16 th for $325. Joe qualified 14th with 1687 (241.0 avg.) won 1 match and finished in the round of 17 th -24 th for $250. Rich qualified 17 th with 1668 (238.2 avg.) won 3 matches and finished in the round of 5 th -6 th for $675. Donnie qualified 23 rd with 1648 (235.4 avg.) won 3 matches and also finished in the round of 5 th - 6 th for $675. Jason qualified 30 th with 1640 (234.2 avg.) won 2 matches and finished in the round of 13 th -16 th for $325. Will qualified 32 nd with 1632 (233.1 avg.) won 0 matches and finished in the round of 25 th -32 nd for $200. For the seventh year in a row a new incentive was in place for the top local league bowler out of the cash from the main prize fund. Nick Kelley of Modesto (37th with 1624) received that award of $135. In addition, there was a $10 optional insurance pool for bowlers the age of 45 and over. It paid out 5 spots this year. Bowlers receiving money from the insurance pool were Craig Donaldson of Clovis $80 with a score of 1609, Don Lille of Fresno $80 with a score of 1608, Pedro Flores of Salida $80 with a score of 1598, Reggie Fullmore of Alameda $80 with a score of 1590 and a tie for last insurance check with 1587 – James Taliaferro of Turlock and Kevin Wix, Sr of Denair each receiving $25. This was the 12 th year ―seniors‖ could put up $10 in addition to the standard entry fee for insurance. It pays 1 spot for every 8 entries for the ―insurance‖ bowlers. There were a total of 37 eligible bowlers opting to pay the extra amount for ―insurance‖. This year there were a total of 132 entries coming from all parts of Northern and Southern California, including Nevada, and Texas. Total sponsorships from Brunswick and the local businesses was $3,401 and along with the prize fund from the entries, the main prize fund paid out $15,859. There were many high scores on Saturday and Sunday. They included 5-300’s, 8-11 in a row and 6-800 series and 1 – 1100 series. The 300 games on Saturday were bowled by Steve Fields and Robby Briton of Clovis. On Sunday 3-300 games were rolled by Lannydyn Carnate, Robert Wrachford and Ray Lussier. On Saturday qualifying, Shawn Hughey of Redding started with 834, Will Garber outdistanced his dad, Wayne by 5 pins – 826 to 821 and Michael decided it was his turn in games 4-6 with 836. On Sunday Ray Lussier began the match play competition with 806 and Anthony joined him with an 815. Saturday had 7 – 11 in a row. – Wayne Garber 299, Aidan Castrence 299 of Hayward, Craig Donaldson 299, Kevin Amodo of Stockton 299, Will Garber 290, Chris Preble of Clovis 290 and Michael Pixley 290. Sunday had 1 – Rich Custer 290. Wayne gets to say to his son ―Take that‖ as he got around Will for the first 4 games on Saturday with 1100. Congratulations to all the bowlers who cashed and thank you to all bowlers who participated. Special thanks go out to Kevin Tabron from Brunswick and all of our local sponsors. Most of all thank you to all of the helpers who worked the tourna- ment and assisted in the ball raffles. Next year’s tournament will be held on April 6 and 7, 2019 at McHenry Bowl. (Continued on page 13)