Bowling World Newspaper

10 - April 2018 Continuing our efforts in fine tuning the oil pattern to each center, we were able to achieve the target range again at Silver Nugget. Squad times were also moved up so the last squad of the day would not be headed home in the dark. The early 11am squad saw Derrick Chan (977), Leon Pitcher (963) and Michael Cox (947) sitting atop the Leaderboard. Michael opted to re-enter to see if he could improve upon that 947 in the 1pm squad. His decision to try again certainly paid off has he shot the only score above 1000 with his awe- some 1009. With the 3pm squad being the largest of the afternoon, Michael waited patiently to see if his score would hold up while he also rooted for his wife Darla to shoot a big score. There would be no Leader board shake up this time around as nobody was able to crack their way onto the "Cash List". Michael took home a very nice check in the amount of $616.00 and his very first Tour Ti- tle! Derrick Chan added another $283.00 to his career earnings for second place and Leon Pitcher put $159.00 in his pocket for third place. Congratulations to all our finalists this week and to Michael for winning his first Championship. Michael Cox has been part of the bowling world for only six years. His previous best Tour finish was sec- ond place at Suncoast last year. He took down this Title with a Storm Zero Gravity drilled up by George Kleinstuber at Cedar Bowl Pro Shop. The owner of his own insurance company back in American Fork, Utah, Michael and his wife Darla, invest six hours of driving timing when competing in a 9-Tap Tour event. This time around that "investment" paid off. The winnings will be divided up with some going to his wife and the remainder going into a "secret compart- ment" in his wallet. The key to his winning yesterday was staying calm and maintaining his timing, according to Michael. He shared with me that both he and his wife appreci- ate the great staff of the 9-Tap Tour and the hard work they put in every week. Michael enjoys competitive hand gun shooting, golfng as well as the out- doors. Way to go Michael! Thanks for your support! Now for the run down..... Kara Noya found herself atop the Leader board with a 673 series after the 12 Noon squad, however, it was not strong enough to last past the second squad. Bill Gannon put up a nice 717 set with Greg Mamac just one pin behind with his716 mark. Ken James took over third place with his 698 set. With just the last squad to go, Greg decided to go after first place while Bill went home content with his score. It was the right decision for Greg as he started off his set with an awesome 300 game finishing with 768 to take the lead. Greg's score did not go unchallenged as Saksit Gank- hang came up just a mark short with his 761 score to take second place and a check for $270.00! Bill Gannon would get pushed into third place, taking home $185.00. Greg picked up his 4th Tour Title, a Gold Championship shirt, and $575.00 to add to his bank account. Congratulations to all our finalists this week and to Greg for winning his fourth Championship. Greg Mamac has been bowling for 30 years and was our first Bowler of the Year in 2016. He told me he was feeling lucky so he went and re-entered the last squad. Using his Mako Track ball drilled up by JB Bowling Supply, he plans to use his winnings to bowl in more 9-Tap Tour events. Greg was cheered on by his friend Jerry and thanks his Mom and Dad for their support. Way to go. Greg! Kyle Michalosky, Al Garcia, Alex Watanabe, & Kara Noya With the Final Four set, Kara was still hoping to win first title. She was matched up against Alex while Kyle took on Al. Alex would prevail over Kara and Al would defeat Kyle setting up the "Battle of the Als" to determine our 1st Quarter Champion. Kara cashed for $200.00 while Kyle picked up $235.00 for their Top 4 finishes. In the championship match, Alex Watanabe went up against Al Garcia. With Al Garcia having a 20 pin handicap advantage the match got off to a great start. Both Als matched strike for strike thru 5 frames. Watanabe cracked first in the sixth frame with a 7 count spare but Garcia could not take advantage as he threw a split and was unable to convert. Going into the 9th frame the match was still up for grabs. Garcia needed to strike out from the 9th to put extra pressure on Watanabe. Unfortunately, he was unable to do so allowing Watanable to shut the door in the 10th frame to win the Championship and take home $975.00 in prize money! Garcia cashed for $470.00 for his 2nd Place fin- ish. Congratulations to both Alex and Al Norris and thanks for such an exciting Championship match! Norris Montague joined the 9-Tap Tour LV back in our first tournament in Nov of 2015. He is one of the original 50 Members with membership #22. For this tournament, Norris used his Columbia Full Tilt ball drilled up by David Haynes . A retired school teacher who is showing no signs of slowing down, plans on bowling 4 leagues this winter at 4 different centers. He won his first title at Gold Coast in March 2017 and thanks his wife, Susan for support- ing his tournament bowling passion. Cheering him on to victory were fellow Mem- bers Brian Blackman and Tony Madolora. He commented that "he had the bowling gods with him" this weekend to help with his victory. As for the money.....its going in the bank! Congratulations Norris on your win and thanks for being a part of the 9-Tap Tour LV family! Congratulations to all the finalists and thanks to all our members for your on going weekly support.